Grimac Mia Italian espresso machine comes to the US

Known throughout Europe for their impressive commercial espresso machines, Grimac has just introduced the Mia Espresso Machine to the US market. The Mia is categorized as a semi-commercial machine, residing in their professional line but perfect for a high end kitchen or small office. Made from near-commercial grade materials and weighing over 50 pounds, the Mia is a serious, semi-automatic heat exchanger machine for the espresso connoisseur who demands the finest, café-style coffee in their own home. It’s clean, well-designed lines, stainless steel construction and the fact that E61 group-head is exposed in a central location are all indicative of the Mia’s Italian origins and set it apart from some of the more concealed home espresso machines. The Mia features a 4 liter reservoir tank, a 1.3 liter boiler, a 1300 watt heating element, a commercial-grade pressure-stat and a deep drop tray. This machine is ideal for novice espresso makers all to way up to professional baristas, and can create rich, textured and buttery espresso almost as good as the high end commercial machines, but at a fraction of the cost in your own home. The Mia is priced at $1,495 and available from Grimac.

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