Microwave convection oven – Caso combination ovens

Cook quickly and healthy with a microwave convection oven from Caso. These designer ovens also look good. You can combine cooking processes such as hot air, grill, convection, microwave or steam for the best results, keeping flavours, vitamins and texture.
The MDG23 microwave convection oven offers 23-liter stainless steel cavity, 900 watt microwave, 850 watt grill and 1.25 kW steamer in one sleek stainless steel oven. Main benefits of this combination oven include,
– 5 microwave power levels
– 2 combi microwave / grill programs
– total 24 cooking programs
– 95 minutes timer with end signal
– removable water tank
– acoustic water refill signal
– ceramic plate
– digital clock
– child lock
This convection microwave combination oven sells for € 270.
Versatile 25 liter MCG25 has 900 watt microwave, 1.2 kW grill and 2.0 kW hot air convection. Key features and benefits of this microwave convection oven include,
– 10 microwave power levels
– 10 preset temperatures between 110°C and 200°C
– 16 automatic cooking programs
– 4 combination microwave and convection programs
– combined 30% / 70% microwave / BBQ program
– combined 45% / 55% microwave / hot air program
– 95 minutes timer with end signal
– glass turntable
– digital clock
The price is € 180.

The powerful Caso D26 combination oven offers 26 liters of cooking space, 1.85 kW steamer, 1.25 kW grill and
– removable water tank
– acoustic water refill signal
– 60 minutes timer with end signal
– digital clock
– stainless steel interior
Priced at € 320. And Caso also offers MCG20, a 20-liter version of MCG25 microwave convection oven with virtually the same features for € 170.
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