LG DuoChef combination microwave

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The new 31 litre LG DuoChef combination microwave is yet another innovative combination microwave oven by LG Appliances. Basically, DuoChef is the industry-first double fan convection microwave offering three cooking modes – microwave-only, grill and convection cooking or as LG puts it – combines microwave with oven, grill, and double convection technology. The idea behind such design is to save space and improve baking capabilities as two fans distributes heat more evenly, resulting in much better cooked food. LG also incorporated advanced defrost setting that uses hot air in addition to microwaves to efficiently defrost food from the outside all the way to the center. Other features include recessed turntable, 4 digit LED display with tact dial, child lock and anti-bacterial cavity. Price for this LG DuoChef combination microwave is £270.

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