Compact microwaves from Sharp

The new compact microwaves from Sharp come with grill function, offering a dual microwave-grill capability with cooking modes like Vegetarian and Low Fat that are popular with a busy consumer of today. Available in white, silver or black, a new compact Sharp microwave fits into any kitchen setting. The new 2-in-1 grill microwaves are energy efficient, so when eating your perfectly crispy baked casseroles, kebabs or fish fillets, you know they are cooked in Eco friendly manner. The compact 20 liter microwaves has a microwave power of 800 watts and a 1.0 kW quartz grill, and consume a maximum of 1.25 kW in ON mode. In energy saving mode, it is less than 0.5 watts per hour.
In addition to their new Healthy Menu, these versatile compact microwaves offer several other cooking methods. Whether vitamin-rich vegetables or crispy chicken legs, with 6 power levels and 12 cooking modes, your food is cooked automatically in a short time. Up to 90 minutes adjustable timer and a +1 minute automatic button for immediate start with full microwave power round out the technical features of the Sharp microwaves. Priced around € 180.


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