Gaggenau microwave – built-in BM 281 Gaggenau microwave oven

The built-in BM 281 Gaggenau microwave oven is the high-performance microwave with a large, 2.1 cubic feet interior volume and 18 sensor cooking programs, which include reheat sensor program and popcorn sensor cooking, auto defrost with weight sensor and Gaggenau cutting-edge ‘inventer’ technology called Innowave. With this technology, the BM 281 Gaggenau offers microwave power settings with variable energy outputs – a much more energy saving cooking method than with conventional microwaves, because it offers high, medium and low power settings, resulting in fast, reliable cooking and defrosting. The heat penetrates deep, so food cannot become overcooked on top or around the edges, while being only half-cooked or not completely defrosted in the middle. This Gaggenau microwave perfectly matches with 30 inch Gaggenau ovens, and is shown with glass covered stainless steel or an aluminum BF 283 lift door, which opens at the slightest touch due to its gas pressurized springs. The left hinged, built-in Gaggenau microwave oven has 10 adjustable power levels with maximum power of 1.2 kW, a digital function display, touch control panel, kitchen timer, side-opening door with panoramic window and child safety lock. Price is $690 USD.

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