AEG ProCombi multi-steamer

Anyone planning a family celebration and looking to prepare a large meal, realizes how much effort, time and nerves it normally takes. The new AEG ProCombi multi-steamer comes to the rescue, transforming any holiday menu into an easy exercise. You will get the best taste and texture while preserving all vitamins and minerals.
Featuring timeless integrated design in glass and stainless steel, the 68 litre AEG ProCombi multi-steamer fits into any kitchen. Its interactive display keeps you constantly informed on the cooking progress, remaining cooking time and temperature, thus giving a clear overview and allowing to easily coordinate cooking of various foods. The steamer water tank is easily refilled from outside. The automatic ExhaustSteam function near the end of each cooking cycle ensures that hot steam does not burn your hand or face when you open the steamer door.

The AEG ProCombi combines the benefits of steam cooking with the strengths of the oven. And because every dish is special, you can choose from 90 programs, steaming fish, meat, rice, potatoes, casseroles and puddings. Thanks to the gentle steam action, this multi-steamer is ideally suitable for the warm-up of already prepared foods without drying them out. Large roasts, sandwiches and au gratin dishes come out with juicy texture and crispy crust. The special low-temperature organic cooking program is ideal for tender meats, starting the steam cooking between 120°C to 150°C and automatically lowering to 80°C, once the food is seared. Price is € 2,500. AEG.

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