Countertop steam oven from Miele

Great food, healthy cooking and ease of use are combined in the latest Miele countertop steam oven which is certain to fit into any kitchen. The DG 1450 steam oven is a freestanding countertop appliance with a width of only 50cm and requiring a rather small footprint. Technically, it is based on the previous model, the DG 1050, which earned top marks in the last steam cooker test conducted by Germany leading consumer watchdog, Stiftung Warentest in January 2007. The key difference between these countertop ovens is a contemporary and extremely simple user interface of the DG 1450 with touch controls on the glass screen for selection of temperatures and cooking times.

The compact countertop DG 1450 utilizes Miele VitaSteam technology with steam generated in a water tank outside the inner cabinet. Professional chefs appreciate this approach because food is cooked very gently. Another benefit is that VitaSteam technology allows what is called menu cooking. On Miele steam ovens, it is immaterial whether large or small amounts, fresh or frozen vegetables are cooked. For example, for peas you just select 100°C and a cooking time of 5 minutes, no matter whether 50g or 20g, fresh or frozen peas, or a mixture of both are to be cooked. VitaSteam delivers the same excellent results time after time. In contrast, traditional cooking methods demand much more expertise and attention. Similarly, it is not possible for food to burn or overcook in a steam oven. A ring signals the end of the cooking process. After use, cleaning is incredibly simple as cooking produces only small amounts of condensate which can be easily wiped away. No limescale deposits occur on the walls of the inner cabinet.
The DG 1450 countertop steam oven has a stainless-steel interior with a volume of 20 litres, allowing different foodstuffs to be cooked simultaneously on up to 3 levels without the least transfer of flavours from one dish to the other. Miele pressure-less DG 1450 steam oven operates in a temperature range of between 40°C and 100°C. Alongside traditional steam cooking, the appliance offers an incredibly broad range of additional applications including defrosting, reheating of plated food, blanching, bottling and even disinfecting baby bottles. Comes replete with various stainless-steel containers and a steam cooking recipe book.

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