Fully integrated dishwasher by ATAG

The new luxury fully integrated dishwasher, ATAG VA6511NT brings the very latest technology and user-friendly features, delighting its owners and making them wonder, how they ever managed without it. Designed to meet demands of the most discerning buyers, this 60cm dishwasher can be sited either traditionally under a worktop or it can be easily installed at waist height in a tall housing unit by way of a smooth and fast assembly system.
Discreet in situ yet with a rock solid feel, the high quality, fully integrated dishwasher has a wealth of top class features to make life easier. Immediately noticeable are the quiet noise level around 48 dBA as well as the ‘AAA’ energy ratings and a water consumption of just 14 litres. ATAG VA6511NT cavity holds 13 place settings and has 4 programs including Intensive 70°C with pre rinse, Normal 65°C with pre rinse, Eco 50°C with pre rinse and Fast 45°C.
Among other key benefits of ATAG fully integrated VA6511NT dishwasher are
– height adjustable top and flexible bottom basket with 2 folding supports for pans and plates
– 3-in-1/4-in-1 automatic tablet function
– cutlery basket which can be split into two and third level knife holder
– automatic and special facility function
– end of program LED-floor-projection indicator
– audible program-end signal
– heat exchanger with no exposed heating element for efficiency and economy
– 3-6-9 hours delayed start to wash when electricity rates are cheaper
– LED salt-rinse aid indicator
– Aqua stop system for automatic water protection preventing overflows
The fully integrated ATAG VA6511NT dishwasher is priced at € 850.

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