KitchenAid refrigerator freezer and wine cabinet with humidor

KitchenAid now offers a combined fridge freezer and wine cabinet with humidor in one stylish professional refrigeration appliance, built to meet your every cooling demand. Modern stainless steel design and carefully thought-out features are married with the exclusive commercial-grade functionality and performance. The result is a truly ultimate luxury food and wine storage refrigeration unit that consists of a 560-liter fridge freezer and a 188-bottle wine cabinet.
The wine cabinet of the KitchenAid KRBV 9710 brings exclusive design with thoughtful details displayed within the toned, UV-protected glass door. The inside is dark for a complete UV protection. The six pull-out wooden shelves are engineered to mute vibration to preserve the aroma and flavour of your wines, allowing them to mature properly. Three thermostat controlled temperature zones with 4°C to 8°C, 10°C to 14°C and 16°C to 20°C temperature ranges will accommodate every type of wine, with sensors ensuring stable and accurate temperatures. The top shelf also serves as a humidor, a special tribute to cigar lovers, while ventilation through charcoal filter ensures perfect, odor-free moisture.

The 406 liter refrigerator section is extra wide and therefore provides storage capabilities beyond the ordinary. It also contains a separate, temperature-controlled tray for fresh fish and meat that should be stored at low but not too cold temperature. Fruits and vegetables have a special tray with custom air humidity and temperature for longer durability. Multi-Flow system evenly distributes cool air purified through special antibacterial filter. The 153 liter pull-out freezer drawer lets you observe quickly what is available inside. No Frost system checks and controls the air flow, humidity and temperature, preventing frost and ice formation, and saving energy. The Fast Freezing function rapidly freezes down massive quantities of food. Other features are electronic temperature and humidity controls, Vacation Mode, door open alarm, stainless steel egg and butter trays, EasyClean stainless steel with scratch-resistant finish, interior light and reversible doors. Price for the KitchenAid KRBV 9710 is approximately € 11,000. Previously, KitchenAid shock freezer.

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