KitchenAid refrigerator with USB port – French Door bottom freezer refrigerator

The new KitchenAid refrigerator offers contoured doors, chrome details and a full color LCD screen. Those are among the more noticeable changes to this French Door bottom freezer refrigerator, but KitchenAid does not stop there and improvements over previous models go far beyond skin deep. The new bottom freezer refrigerator offers more shelf space, larger refrigerator capacity and advanced LED lighting that makes food even more accessible and visible, even when fully stocked. This is by far the most user friendly and food friendly KitchenAid refrigerator ever, according to Debbie O’Connor, senior manager of brand experience for KitchenAid. It has more space and is even more convenient for cooks to store their ingredients and keep them at their freshest. The LCD screen serves several purposes. In addition to use and care information, the screen offers a kitchen timer, access to suggested ingredient substitutions and measurement conversions, and a convenient USB port for loading images. At 27 ft³, the new French Door bottom freezer refrigerator provides additional 2 ft³ of space compared to previous models. Shelves have been extended an additional ¾” to accommodate more, and larger, items.

The in-door water and ice system of this KitchenAid refrigerator provides filtered drinking water and allows for precise measurement of water for use as a cooking and baking ingredient. Inside, a tilt-out ice door coupled with ultra fast ice making provides easy access to large quantities of ice and ensures fresh tasting ice is always on hand for get-togethers. For greater flexibility in storing different type of foods, individually sealed storage compartments include a pantry compartment with an independent temperature control and a crisper with extra gaskets for perfect sealing and humidity control. Thicker materials and smooth, heavy duty gliding mechanisms provide an added measure of the heft for which KitchenAid is known. The new KitchenAid refrigerator will be available starting in April at a suggested retail price of $2,800. KitchenAid. Previously, counter depth French Door refrigerator.

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