Sub-Zero French Door refrigerator

The new Sub-Zero French Door refrigerator offers greater design flexibility and accessibility to all your favorite foodstuffs. An extension to Sub-Zero built-in line, the French Door model is 36″ wide with two 18″ refrigerator doors and a pullout freezer below. Based on a pivoting center mullion, each door independent seal design preserves the perfect internal temperature for optimum food freshness. The French Door refrigerator has a dual-compressor operating system that separately controls the temperature and humidity of the refrigerator and freezer compartments. Its advanced air-purification system decreases airborne bacteria and odors, as well as ethylene gas, which can cause premature ripening on certain foods.

Similar to rest of the Sub-Zero built-in refrigerators, the 36″ French Door refrigerator is available as a stainless model with tubular or pro handles or as an overlay model that can be flush inset with custom panels. Other key elements of the BI-36UFD model include water filtration system, evenly-distributed bright interior lighting, adjustable spill-proof glass shelves, low-temperature crisper and deli drawers, informational freshness cards and Max Ice feature that produces ice 40% faster for a 24-hour period. Priced from $8,300. Sub-Zero. Previously, Sub-Zero refrigerators with internal ice and water dispenser.

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