Viking refrigerator review – Professional Series 36″ free standing Viking refrigerators

This Viking refrigerator review is for two excellent free standing 36 inch Professional Series refrigerators – the side-by-side and the French door, bottom mount refrigerator-freezers.
The side-by-side Energy Star rated Viking refrigerator combines convenience and clean classic style with top notch performance and high end features you would expect from Viking refrigerators. The Professional Series have rugged, no-nonsense look and the VCSF036SS model does look the part. The main technological features include electronic controls with digital temperature readouts to precisely maintain the selected temperatures within one degree in refrigerator and freezer compartments, open door alarm which warns when door has been ajar for five minutes, high temperature alarm to warn if freezer or refrigerator temperatures exceed normal operating temperatures, vacation mode which allows the freezer to defrost less frequently, conserving energy, and Max ice feature which sets freezer temperature to optimum setting for maximum ice production.
Further in this Viking refrigerator review, we notice the separate adjustable temperature control for door bin area, two moisture-adjustable see-through produce drawers, and adaptive defrost function. The temperature adjustable drawers come with separate temperature control allowing you to set the Meat Savor/Produce drawer for either produce or long-term fresh meat storage. Such flexibility is rather uncommon even in the most expensive refrigerators.
Interior features include four tempered glass spill-proof shelves, in-door dairy compartment with cover, five door bins with separate adjustable temperature control, two adjustable wire shelves, two slide-out baskets, glass butter tray with cover and automatic ice maker. See-through egg container with carrier holds up to 24 eggs. The frost free freezer has adaptive defrost and comes with extra storage in five large door bins, three of which tilt outward for easy access.
This freestanding side-by-side refrigerator is cabinet depth and its 24 inch deep side panels can be seamlessly integrated with any existing, surrounding cabinetry. Available in three finishes, and with few accessories, the 36 inch Professional Series side-by-side Viking refrigerator is priced at about $3,000. The price for the similar VCSF036DSS refrigerator with ice and water dispenser is $3,250.
When it comes to French door, bottom mount refrigerators, it is hard for me to be impartial since I really like the way a French door, bottom mount refrigerator freezer looks. I will try to stay neutral for the sake of the VCFF036SS Viking refrigerator review.
This Energy start qualified Viking refrigerator combines convenient French-door configuration with a wide array of professional features – in-door dairy compartment with cover, large door bins and premium water filter. Four slide-out adjustable tempered glass spill-proof shelves, one stationary glass shelf, and additional storage in five large door bins. Internal filtered water dispensing with premium water filter provides cleaner water supply by filtering bad tastes, odor, sediment and harmful contaminants. Two slide-out baskets, automatic ice maker and adaptive defrost. See-through egg container with carrier holds up to 24 eggs.
As with other Viking refrigerators from Professional Series, this Viking is equipped with state of art electronic controls and digital temperature readouts, which allow separate temperature control in both refrigerator and freezer compartments, and ensure precise selected temperatures within one degree. The frost-free refrigerator features temperature adjustable Meat Savor/Produce Drawer which can be set for either produce, or long-term fresh meat storage with its separate temperature control, two moisture-adjustable, see through produce drawers.
Open door alarm warns when door has been ajar for five minutes. High temperature alarm warns if freezer or refrigerator temperatures exceed normal operating temperatures. Vacation mode allows the freezer to defrost less frequently, conserving energy. Water filter indicator light illuminates when water filter needs replacing. Max ice feature sets freezer temperature to optimum setting for maximum ice production.
This Viking refrigerator also features cabinet depth design and can be easily integrated with your existing cabinets. Three finish and design options. Side trim, professional top grilles, side panels, tops and brass handle kits are available as installation accessories. The price for this refrigerator freezer is $3,000. Viking.

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