New Liebherr 36″ refrigerator – 2062 Series

[KBIS 2008 Preview]
The new German made 36″ Liebherr refrigerator from the 2062 series is a French-door, Energy Star rated, double-drawer bottom-freezer fridge, and will be available in three exciting designs – freestanding CS 2062 in stainless steel, fully integrated HC 2062 with custom finish, and fully integrated HCS 2062 in stainless steel. Features include exclusive sealed cooling, Soft Touch technology, water and air filtration, an increased capacity automatic ice maker that can produce 3.5 pounds of ice in 24 hours and store up to 7 pounds of cubes, double freezer drawers on telescopic rails with new air flow system, dual refrigeration with variable speed compressors for refrigerator and freezer, unique LED light columns and drawer LED illumination, enhanced vegetable drawer, and 6 mm thick glass shelves, capable of withstanding up to 180 lb. The NoFrost fridge has overall capacity of 19.5 cu. ft. or 557 litres, with 13.5 cu. ft. or 386 litres in refrigerator, and 6 cu. ft. or 171 litres in double-drawer bottom-freezer. Should be available in May 2008. No word on the price yet. Previously, 30″ Liebherr refrigerator freezer and 24″ Liebherr Vinidors.

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