Berrington boiler stove from Aga

The Berrington multi fuel stoves come in two versions – standard multi fuel stove and boiler stove. The largest of Aga multi fuel stoves, supplied with a high-chrome grate, Berrington enables you to burn seasoned wood, coal and anthracite, all of which ensure high output. The large 16 inch window allows nice, unobstructed view of the flames, making the stove ideal for your family or living room. This Aga boiler model features rated heat output of 3kW and rated water output of 4.5kW, all at 76% efficiency, whereas the standard stove has heat output of 8kW. Thermostatic control, overnight burning capacity, high-chrome grate, high-capacity ash pan and removable fire bricks make the Berrington boiler stove as functional as good looking. Other features of these multi fuel stoves are adjustable air wash system for cleaner glass, primary, secondary air intakes for a cleaner burn and cool touch Aga handle. The price for standard Berrington in matt black is £1,050, while gloss enamel finished stoves cost about £200 more. The boiler multi fuel stoves cost £1,300 in matt and £1,500 in gloss enamel finishes.

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