Fagor dryer – new 24″ with a reversing anti-crease system

The new Fagor 24″ dryer, SFA-8CEX is capable of drying up to 15 lbs of clothes. Its 32-gallon stainless-steel drum dries large garments and gives you better results. Fagor equipped this dryer with a reversing anti-crease system. The intermittent rotation of the drum in both directions prevents wrinkles from forming and separates the garments. When the cycle ends, cold air is applied to leave the garments ready to hang. Other excellent features include interactive LCD display, the 180 degrees door opening which makes loading and unloading an easy task and delayed start of up to 24 hours. An interior drum light gives you better illumination. Fagor dryers are available in white and silver to compliment the Fagor washers. Fagor America.

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