60 Series Maytag washing machines

Maytag washer from the 60 Series Maytag washing machines comes in six models, combining all the benefits of a 60cm Euro washers with the excellent reliability and performance of this brand. Made almost entirely of the highest quality stainless steel, these washers are packed with features and programs, and can handle up to 6kg of laundry in one washing cycle. Characteristics vary depending on the model, but each Maytag washer features up to 4 temperature levels, 10 versatile programs with fuzzy logic technology, including Delicates, Hand Wash, Wool, Automatic Half Load Adjustment, a 45 minute Quick Wash for slightly soiled clothes and an option to reduce creasing in silks. All 60 series washing machines have extra rinses for clothes and linens, and extra rinse programs for small babies and people with sensitive skin. Maytag also equips the washer with LCD display with sequence indicator so you can tailor a program to suit your needs, giving you total control over the process and offering the ultimate in progress feedback. Traditional rotary controls and a delay start up to 5 hours, variable spin speeds from 400 to 1600 rpm, easy to load fold down door with durable mounted door seal and unique 4 point suspension with shock absorption supports for the drum to reduce vibration, noise and eliminate floor creep. The fold down door of this Maytag washer folds down to prevent laundry from falling on the floor when unloading and when is closed helps these washing machines to blend into your room. The prices are around £680. Maytag. Previously Maytag Epic washer and dryer.

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