Maytag 60 Series Maytag dryers

This Maytag dryer is a perfect match to the 60 Series Maytag washer. These 60cm high-performance tumble dryers offer very gentle yet quickly drying tumbling, thanks to ‘Figure of 8’ tumbling motion which keeps the clothes in the drying air stream for longer. Maytag equips these condenser tumble dryers with hi tech humidity sensors, capable of controlling program times to perfection as they monitor the air stream and stop the drying process at the chosen level of dryness. Three models will dry a full 6kg load in no time, while the latest MDE2002AES dryer can take 7kg. The freestanding 60 Series front loading Maytag dryer comes with 6 drying programmes, LCD display, start delay timer, and large 40cm diameter port hole for convenient loading. Can be used as a condenser dryer, or connected it to an external vent. The 60 Series Maytag dryer prices range from £440 to £770. Maytag.

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