Tall tub dishwasher from Fagor


Fagor latest Energy Star rated tall tub dishwasher, LFA-086 XL offers interior large enough for items that are too big to fit into a standard dishwasher tub.

Tall tub dishwasher is equipped with an eco-sensor that monitors water quality and adjusts consumption accordingly, saving up to 25% of water in each wash.

The eco-sensor measures the level of soil in the wash water and fills the tub with fresh water only when it is necessary. It helps to reduce water consumption, energy used to heat the water, and cycle time.

The alternating wash feature optimizes water and energy consumption, thanks to the sprinklers that work alternatively making it a much more efficient wash.

Due to the combination of the alternating wash function, an insulated interior and a solid inner tub with no seams, the Fagor dishwasher is so quiet with only 45 dBA of noise level, you will hardly notice when it is working.

The dual zone option allows you to choose the use of only the upper rack, the lower rack or both at the same time, and with 10 washing cycles which include pre-wash, normal, intense, glassware, delicate, super intensive, economy, quick, automatic and dish warming, you have outstanding flexibility, functionality and performance.

The tall tub also comes with internal and external sensors that cut the water supply if a leak is detected.

To ensure bacteria free dishes, this dishwasher features the hygienizer cycle that washes the dishes at 160ºF and rinses them at 167ºF.

Additional features and controls include an a programmable time delay up to 9 hours, an end-of-cycle signal, water softener and a digital display.

Price for the new tall tub dishwasher is $1,400 USD.

Fagor America.

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