Buschbeck modern masonry barbecue fireplaces


Buschbeck masonry barbecue fireplaces have unique composite-finished treated surfaces, saving you from any type painting or rendering.

Your fireplace will keep its like new appearance even after years of intensive use. High-grade steel is used for the grill racks and, depending on the model, the metal jacketing on mantelpieces are either made from pure sheet copper or stainless steel.

A double-partition constructional method used in Buschbeck garden barbecue fireplaces allows you to use charcoal, wood and gas.

No need to have both, a separate barbecue and a chimney or a log pit, the masonry barbecue from Buschbeck provides the all-in-one solution that will last for years while enhancing your garden setting.


The special construction of the Buschbeck grilling fireplaces results in a very high degree of safety as only the refractory concrete parts of the fireplace come into contact with the open flames, and air constantly circulates between the outer skin and the 5-part combustion chamber area.

Buschbeck currently offers 19 masonry barbecues with prices ranging from £400 to £750.


Buschbeck masonry barbecues.

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