Miele EcoLine dishwashers

The energy-efficient Miele EcoLine dishwashers belong to the new G 5000 series, first launched by Miele in April. The common denominator on these Miele dishwashers is their low energy and water consumption. The EcoLine features a total of 15 different dishwashers – freestanding, built-under, integrated and fully integrated. At 44 dB, they are all exceedingly quiet and are characterised by their sparing use of water and electricity – 10 litres and as little as 0.94 kWh respectively, and are therefore 10% more efficient than required for an ‘A’ energy efficiency rating. See more on energy ratings. When you connect the G 5000 Miele dishwasher to a hot water supply, energy consumption can be reduced to as little as 0.59 kWh.

The EcoLine dishwashers are also part of a further attractive campaign involving a year supply of Miele own unique phosphate-free detergent tablets. Under the headline Dishwash For € 1 a Month, the EcoLine dishwasher comes with a voucher redeemable against a total of 216 tablets at a cost of only € 12 during the campaign period. This represents a saving of almost 80%. Miele. Previously, quiet dishwasher.

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