Incognito dishwasher – 18 inch fully integrated Miele slimline dishwasher

The 18 inch Incognito dishwasher G 818 SCVi is the fully integrated Miele slimline dishwasher, capable of superior cleaning performance and quiet operation, and is excellent choice for the kitchens with limited space. For its size, the slimline dishwasher compromises nothing in terms of features, wash quality or performance. Incognito comes with 6 wash programs and options, 4 wash temperatures and two baskets. Upper is deep, height adjustable chamber with separate cutlery tray, fixed spiked inserts and two single-section cup racks. Lower basket has hinged spiked insert and removable spiked insert. The slimline Incognito dishwasher can hold up to 9 place settings, including extra large serving dishes, and its flexible design allows you to customize the interior for above-average size dishes and large loads in your kitchen, increasing usable capacity and reducing the need for multiple loads. Each dish and piece of cutlery is thoroughly washed and dried. The adjustable top basket of this 18 inch Miele dishwasher creates ample space for tall mugs, long stemmed glassware and large plates, and because of the height at which the cutlery tray is located, you don’t have to bend to load it. The absence of a cutlery basket in the lower basket frees the space for more pots, pans and dishes. The 6 wash programs include Pots and Pans at 170° F, SaniWash at 150° F for washing heavily soiled dishes and NSF certified sanitizing, Normal Plus at 150° F for washing normally soiled dishes with heavy fatty residues, Normal at 130° F, China and Crystal at 115° F for washing temperature-sensitive china and crystal stemware, and Rinse & Hold with No Heat which is similar to prewash. Top Solo function is an option to wash lightly soiled dishes in the top basket only. The water is diverted to the middle and upper spray arms to wash quickly, thoroughly and above all, economically with only 3.2 gallons of water consumed. Miele also equips Incognito with the PC Update function, letting you connect with a Miele technician through laptop to alter dishwasher programming parameters, like reducing its water intake or electricity consumption or adapting your Incognito to a new type of detergent. Other features include highly polished Molybdenum stainless steel interior, intake and drain fault indicator, rinse aid refill indicator, exposed heating coil, built-in water softener, and double waterproof system. The price for this 18 inch fully integrated Incognito dishwasher is around $1,500. Miele.

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