New Dacor dishwashers and promotion

Dacor introduced the new Distinctive, Renaissance and Integrated 24″ dishwashers. These new cutting edge appliances are a beautiful combination of style, performance, efficiency and value. With unsurpassed craftsmanship, the Distinctive dishwasher delivers the designer look in an affordably-priced, feature-rich appliance. With features like the recessed hidden handle and electronic one-touch controls on the front panel, the Distinctive model brings a modern and sophisticated design to any kitchen. Designed to handle any mess, this dishwasher also features 7 highly effective wash zones to ensure the entire load gets completely clean, while 4 wash cycles allow the dishwasher to tackle everything from simple rinses to seriously baked-on messes with ease.

The Distinctive dishwasher is also the latest product addition to Dacor’s Love You Back Bonus promotion, which offers free appliances based on certain purchase levels. You can now receive the Distinctive Dishwasher free when they purchase at least $9,000 worth of other Dacor appliances. You can also upgrade to the Renaissance or Integrated Dishwasher for only $500 when they spend $9,000, or upgrade to the Distinctive Dishwasher for only $500 when they spend at least $6,000. The promotion ends December 31, 2010.
The 24″ Renaissance and Integrated dishwashers bring great looks, durability and high-performance. Offering a clean, modern finish, the ergonomic controls are hidden, but still readily accessible for ease of use. The Renaissance dishwasher offers a choice between the elegant Epicure handle or a sleek Millennia handle, while the Integrated style gives you the ability to seamlessly match your kitchen cabinets with a customizable wood panel. With 6 wash cycles and 7 wash zones to cover every dishwashing need from scrubbing to quick rinses, as well as 2 drying levels, including the RapidDry fan which dries all dishes rapidly, the Renaissance and Integrated dishwashers are an eye-catching balance of form and function.
Further enhancing the streamlined design, Dacor equipped the Distinctive dishwasher and the Renaissance dishwasher with its PrintFree stainless steel finish that resists smudges and fingerprints so the dishwasher exterior will remain spotless, just like the dishes inside. Additional Features of the Distinctive, Renaissance and Integrated dishwashers include,
– FocusScrub dedicated sprayer for scrubbing pots and pans
– FocusWash sprayer dedicated to cleaning cutlery
– EcoDry option provides an energy efficient way to dry dishes
– FloorGuard System to ensure a leak-safe dishwasher
– Stainless Steel Tub and Spray Arms for durability and cleanliness
– QuickInstall package for quick and easy out of the box installation
Style and functionality aside, the Distinctive, Renaissance, and Integrated dishwashers provide very low water and energy consumption, making these high-performance dishwashers environmentally friendly and Energy Star qualified. In fact, these dishwashers exceed the energy standard by using 41% less energy and 33% less water than non-qualified dishwashers. In addition to being some of the lowest water users on the market, the dishwashers offer a 3-Part PureFiltration System, which means you don’t have to waste water pre-rinsing dishes to enjoy a higher level of clean.
Using a dishwasher should not add work to a kitchen clean-up routine. The unique EasyLoad rack design on the new dishwashers provides endless loading flexibility. With the option to load up to 14 plus place settings and the highest loading height available in the market to make room for pots, pans and platters of all sizes, the dishwashers will accommodate large gatherings just as effortlessly as everyday meals.
Knowing that safety features are a small detail that make a huge impact, Dacor has equipped the Renaissance and Integrated dishwashers with its exclusive FamilySafe electronic locking system and the Distinctive Dishwasher with FamilyLock mechanical locking system to ensure a child cannot open the dishwasher door while the dishwasher is running. With the WhisperWash system, which ensures the dishwashers run at only 49dBs, you will wonder if the appliance is running at all.
The aesthetically pleasing style and design features make the Distinctive, Renaissance and Integrated dishwashers beautiful, and with reliable features you can count on, they become a dependable addition to the kitchen.
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