New 7-liter dishwashers from Neff

Neff offers 9 models of its new 7-liter dishwasher. The ‘AAA’ rated dishwashers come with Eco 50°C program which uses just 7 liters per wash cycle, setting a true benchmark in terms of saving water. Thanks to Neff super-efficient water management, a pot of water is all you need for 13 place settings or 151 pieces of dirty dishes.
Everything is adjustable. With separately controlled upper and lower spray arms, the water usage is considerably reduced. You can set hot water, high pressure Intensive washing cycle in the lower rack while using Gentle wash cleaning delicate glasses on the upper rack. Half Load function is ideally suited for half empty dishwasher, significantly reducing the energy and water consumption. And if you are short on time, Neff VarioSpeed feature cuts the normal program duration by up to 50% with full cleaning and drying performance.

Redesigned height adjustable VarioFlex basket system with foldable plate holders in the upper and lower racks adapts to each and every load. Special third-level Vario drawer is added for hardware and cutlery. See Neff for more details on these remarkable 60cm wide 7-liter dishwashers. Previously, Neff slimline dishwasher.

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