Built-in dishwasher by Kenmore Elite

The Kenmore Elite Ultra Wash HE built-in dishwasher ensures great cleaning results while saving water and energy. Three distinct high efficiency cleaning technologies combine to create the Ultra Wash HE wash system – Ultra Wash filter, SmartWash sensors and Automatic Temperature Control. The Energy Star rated dishwasher cuts your utility bills while conserving water and energy by saving up to 41% water and 34% energy. The SmartWash Cycle determines the right amount of time, water, and energy needed to clean dishes, so you get excellent cleaning results while using fewer resources. Kenmore loaded this built-in dishwasher with advanced features and options, so you can enjoy the worry and hassle free dish washing every day. The TurboZone Rotating Spray Jets provides a concentrated wash to dishes placed in the back of the rack and eliminates the need to presoak dishes. The Smart Display provides a visual representation during each cycle stage and count down until the cycle is complete, so you’ll know exactly when your dishes will be clean and ready for use. The Steam Sanitize option kills 99.999% of certain bacteria, giving you the peace of mind that your dishes, glassware, and baby bottles are clean and sanitized.

If you need dishes done in a hurry, the 1-Hour Wash Cycle will quickly clean them for you. The quiet dishwasher is equipped with Kenmore Quiet Control sound package, so at 46 dBA, it is highly unlikely you will even notice it’s even running. For improved drying results, the Kenmore Elite Ultra Wash High Efficiency built-in dishwasher has the heavy-duty stainless steel tub which holds up under high temperatures and retains heat. Sears sells them for around $1,475.

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