Kenmore Elite double drawer dishwasher

Designed to fit into the same space as a conventional 24 inch dishwasher, the stainless steel Kenmore Elite double drawer dishwasher, the 13343, offers the option of running different wash cycles or loads simultaneously and also running smaller loads more frequently. Main features of this Energy Star qualified double dishwasher include an adaptive Smart Sense Cycle that adjusts the number of fills, wash times and temperatures based on the turbidity of the water, determined by the turbidity sensor, and the NSF certified Sani Rinse option that increases the water temperature in the final rinse to meet sanitation requirements. Kenmore Elite Ultra Wash System features high performance cleaning system, which incorporates upper spray action to maximize cleaning performance. Variable tines which are located in the back half of the drawer provide convenient loading space for almost any sized item. Positioning the tines flat or splayed out creates adequate room for large bulky items like pots and pans or mixing bowls. Angling tines out accommodates up to 12 inch plates. Sliding tines are located in the front half of the drawer and can be adjusted to provide narrow spacing for loading plates or wide spacing for loading deep bowls, pots or pans.

Kenmore also incorporated cycle lights on the front panel to keep you informed when the double drawer dishwasher is washing, drying or completed cleaning. As with other Kenmore Elite appliances, the QuietGuard Deluxe sound insulation ensures dishes are cleaned without interrupting daily activities or conversations, keeping dishwasher noise under 54 dBA. Seen in Sears for $1,600. Also available in black and white.
Kenmore Elite dishwasher
Double drawer dishwasher
Dishwasher drawer by Maytag
Drawer dishwasher from KitchenAid

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