Slimline dishwasher from Gorenje

With dishwashers steadily losing their luxury tag as more and more of us realise their water, time and energy saving potential, the slimline GV51010 is ideal for smaller households, or those who only have limited space in their kitchen. The market for a slimline dishwasher is of greater interest, suggesting more and more people are finding room in their kitchen for a dishwasher. Measuring just 45cm wide, the GV51010 slots neatly into a run of kitchen units and can clean 8 place settings using just 13 litres of water per load. Donning the Marigolds and washing by hand typically uses 40 to 80 litres of water, not to mention the time it takes. Dishwashers also wash at a higher temperature, making them more hygienic.

The slimline dishwasher is ideal for those who want the benefits of a dishwasher but have limited space. ‘A’ rated for energy and wash performance, the Gorenje GV51010 has flexible full-sized capabilities that can be customised for your household, including 7 programs and Gorenje unique AquaStop anti-leak technology. It also features special heat exchanger technology to gradually increase the temperature of the water to prevent crockery being damaged by sudden changes in temperature, and reduce clouds of steam at end of program. Key features and benefits of this fully integrated slimline dishwasher include,
– ‘A’ rated for energy and washing performance, ‘B’ rated for drying performance
– electronic control panel hidden in the top edge of the door frame for a seamless appearance
– 8 tight place settings
– very economical, uses just 13 litres of water in a standard wash
– 7 programs including Sensitive, Glass, Intensive and Eco, and 4 washing temperatures
– height adjustable top basket
– end of program audible and light signal
– perfect drying using residual heat stored from the last hot rinse
– AquaStop technology which stops leaks for the life of the dishwasher
– automatic water softener dispenser for better washing performance
– 51 dBA noise level
The GV51010 slimline dishwasher retails for approximately £500. Gorenje.
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