Bialetti Mukka Express electric cappuccino maker

Compact Bialetti Mukka Express enables you to enjoy great Italian cappuccino or latte wherever and whenever you want. Bialetti redesigned its best selling cappuccino maker and Mukka Express is now available with an electric base. The very simple to use and exclusively designed compact machine will get you a perfect creamy cappuccino every time, just like the one at some Italian espresso bar in Rome or Milan. Mukka Express Electric is available in two distinctive designs – one is finished in timeless classic and elegant polished aluminum,

the other is ever popular among many European coffee makers cow print. So pick the one which suits you best. The easy to clean electric Bialetti Mukka Express is made in Italy and equipped with electric base and special pressure valve for perfect froth, letting you prepare delicious cappuccino and coffee latte within few minutes and in style for only $140 USD.

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