Heartland dishwasher from Metro Series – integrated European intelligent dishwashers

The Heartland Metro dishwasher is exquisitely-designed, handcrafted European intelligent dishwasher which premium features reduce water and energy consumption as well as washing and drying times. This integrated Heartland dishwasher has an Advanced Intelligence System which senses the amount of dishes in the current load and adjusts the water accordingly. Wash time reduction programs take 30% less time with complete washing efficiency. Perfect insulation and optimum operation let this dishwasher run in complete silence. 15 minute express cycle allows you a 15 minute upper rack quick wash using very little energy and water. Dual wash zones allows for a gentle wash on the upper rack and the aggressive wash you need in the lower rack. Washing temperatures of 160 ºF and rinsing temperatures of 167 ºF guarantee healthy dishes with no bacteria left. Other features of the Metro Heartland dishwasher are one-piece, durable stainless steel hydro-formed tub, internal ventilator drying cycle, and telescopic glide upper rack with height adjustable settings. You can buy this integrated dishwasher for $1,500, with an optional stainless steel panel for another $330. Previously, Heartland Classic dishwasher.

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