LG microwave from Studio Series

The new Studio Series LG microwave features innovative Extenda Vent and warming lamp with a radiant heating element. The Extenda Vent covers the entire cooking surface and captures the smoke from the back and the front burners, while the warming lamp lets you keep food warm and ready to serve for up to 90 minutes. This over the range LG microwave also has the QuietPower feature, which vents the odours quietly, without too much noise.

LG moved the controls to the bottom of the microwave oven, giving it a unique look, idelally suited for modern kitchen trends. Sensor cooking functionality helps determine when food is cooked and automatically turns off the microwave to prevent the over- or under-cooking. Other highlights and features include 2.0 litre capacity, digital controls, sensor reheat, Melt/Soften function and child lock. The Studio Series LG microwave sells for $530.
LG over the range microwave
GE Cafe over the range microwave
Samsung over the range microwave
KitchenAid over the range microwave
Electrolux over the range microwave oven

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