Amana wine cooler – Precision wine cabinet with clear glass door

This Amana wine cooler, the clear glass door cabinet with the stainless steel sides from Precision line, will keep your finest wines in perfect conditions so you can enjoy each and every bottle. The cooler has 3 cooling zones. The first one is where you keep your priced red, rose and white wines so they gently mature under most optimal conditions. The other two zones are used to bring your red and white wines to the ideal temperature for drinking. The very top of your Amana Precision cabinet has a special hinged closed area, red wine serving temperature zone. This is where your most stored red wines slowly get to a room temperature for your ultimate wine experience. The white wines and champagne are kept in special base storage area. The cooler slide-out shelves treated with special odorless varnish to protect against humidity, are made from solid beech. The cabinet capacity varies from 172 to 208, depending on the bottle sizes. The price for this Amana wine cooler is around $2,350 USD. Also, Reflection wine cabinet.

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