Esse contemporary and traditional flueless gas stoves

The Esse 515 flueless gas stove has a contemporary styling, which separates it from the company traditionally designed and styled flueless stoves. The 515 flueless stove features latest patented catalytic technology, and since it doesn’t require a flue, can be located virtually anywhere in your contemporary living quarters. All burnt gas emissions are scrubbed clean and leave the stove as warm clean air. Catalytic technology also offers higher efficiency, as no energy is wasted up a chimney, so all the generated heat warms your room, which in turn lowers running costs. The high temperature catalytic process of these flueless stoves takes it a step further, often actually cleaning the air it uses, by helping to remove odors in the home and neutralize airborne particles such as dust mites, creating a cleaner, healthier home environment. Designed to fit comfortably on an 11″ hearth, the thermostatically controlled flueless gas stove features Piezo spark ignition, auto safety shut off, excellent flame pattern, solid steel construction and heat output between 1.5kW and 3.3kW. Available in stainless and black steel finishes for the price of £870.
The Esse 500 flueless stove is a log effect gas stove, which does not require a flue, giving you the freedom to locate it virtually anywhere. The traditionally styled flueless gas stoves also feature Esse patented catalytic technology with environmentally friendly converter, and provide identical benefits to those of 515 stove, in compact design. Designed by leading furniture designer Paul Galley, this flueless gas stove has 75% burning efficiency and comes at a price of £600. Esse.

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