Bosch washer from Nexxt 300 Series

New 300 Series Nexxt washer is the 4.0 cu. ft. capacity Bosch washer which so energy efficient, it actually exceeds Energy Star requirements by 93%. With spin speed of up to 1,000 rpm the washer removes almost all water from your clothes, making drying process energy efficient as well. Bosch KidsCare cycle makes this washer the perfect antidote to most stubborn stains, heating up the wash water to 150°F to remove the toughest dirt. Nexxt 300 Series washers have a 56 dBA noise rating, achieved by combining a high-quality brushless motor system, a low-friction belt drive and specially engineered housing for additional sound insulation. As a result, Bosch washers are some of the quietest on the market today. Sensotronic Plus network of sensors which analyzes your wash, determining load size, temperature and more, then adjusts levels automatically to care gently for everything from wool to silk. Bosch also equips Nexxt washer with its patented ARCHIE paddles, which cascade water from above while you laundry tumbles, rinsing away suds and giving your laundry a complete, gentle clean, without the use of a harmful agitator. Smartly designed inclined drum ensures that every garment turns and gets thoroughly rinsed. Another highlight is thermostatically controlled internal water heater for automatic monitoring and precise adjustment of water temperature, which is vast improvement over many competing washers, which use water heaters operated on timers. Available in red/white duo-tone, blue/white duo-tone and white, the Nexxt 300 Series Bosch washer sells for $1,100 in either duo-tone model, while white washer price is $900. Bosch.

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