Maytag Performance Series front load washers and dryers

New Maytag Performance Series front load washers and dryers bring commercial technology to residential market. From heavy duty springs, belts and hinges to beefed up motors, frames and suspension systems, the new Performance Series washers and dryers are engineered with advanced Maytag Commercial Technology with the commercial grade components, ensuring both strength and dependability for years of reliable performance. The new Maytag Performance Series laundry pairs are available in 3 models – 3000, 5000 and 9000. All models come and white and following bold colors – the 3000 model comes in Crimson, the 5000 comes in Evergreen, and the 9000 in Oxide. Top Washer spin speed is 1,000 RPM and 5000 and 9000 models also feature the sanitizing power of steam. Other key features are 1,000 watt water heater, sensor-controlled suds detection, timed release detergent system, variable speed motor with preselected spin speeds, IntelliTemp automatic temperature control and IntelliFill automatic water level sensor. Maytag Performance Series washers are priced from $1,200 to $1,700. See detailed comparison chart for cycles, programs and options.

The Performance Series steam dryer conveniently connects to the existing laundry-room waterline, so there is no reservoir to fill, just on-demand steam cycles with the push of a button. Inside, a small nozzle distributes a fine mist of water throughout the heated dryer as clothes tumble. The heated air combines with mist to form steam, removing odors and rejuvenating a few items or an entire load. Also, the dryer is certified by NSF International to sanitize, removing 99.9 percent of tested harmful bacteria. This feature is perfect for sanitizing things that people prefer not to wash like pillows and teddy bears. GentleBreeze Drying System incorporates diagonal airflow to dry clothes in the same amount of time it takes to wash them, and IntelliDry sensor technology minimizes the risk of over-drying and shrinking. Maytag Performance Series dryers are priced from $1,300 to $1,680. Here is comparison chart for Performance Series dryers
The Performance Series is also Energy Star qualified, each load using 70 percent less water and 70 percent less energy than conventional top-load washers. The 9000 washer offers a capacity of 4.4 cubic feet while dryer has 7.5 cubic foot capacity, allowing you to wash and dry more laundry in every load, reducing the number of loads you do each week. Several intuitive and dependable features monitor incoming water temperature and levels.
All Maytag Performance Series washers have stainless steel wash basket.
Convenient 3-tray dispenser drawer for detergent, bleach and fabric softener.
Maytag Epic washer and dryer
Maytag washer and dryer from 60 Series.

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