Electric grill – Dimplex PowerChef

The PowerChef electric grill from Dimplex combines plug-in convenience, safety and precision of electric cooking with exceptional cooking performance. The PowerChef is equipped with new and unique technology, called Evensear Cooking System – dual element technology with active cooking surface that reaches an incredible 650°F, providing direct searing, locking in flavour and juices instead of the indirect heat from a conventional grill where the heating element is located below the cooking grid. This electric grill functions in two ways – the stainless steel upper grill sears your food with direct contact while at the same time the lower element radiates heat towards the food and cooks it evenly and gently. More than that, with a simple flip, the dual element grid converts to a rotisserie element for perfectly cooked, juicy roasts every time. The PowerChef grill also features user-friendly programming to simplify grilling and ensure great results. It tells you when it is time to flip and time to serve. You can create a custom program for your favorite meal, or select the manual mode to cook traditionally. With no hot spots, no empty tanks, no broken ignitors and no flare-ups, the very efficient Powerchef also eliminates the issues that are typical of gas grills. With 216 square inches of grilling surface, all you need is 120 V power outlet. Keypad lock keeps children away from playing with controls. Made of commercial quality stainless steel, this Dimplex electric grill comes with removable drip cup, large concealed storage cabinet, upper warming rack and 6 tool holders. Best of all, it only measures 45″ x 43.25″ x 21.25″ and can be used on a deck or a balcony. The price is $800 USD.

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