Jeppe Utzon contemporary barbecue

With its a clean and minimalist design the Utzon Barbecue complements current architectural trends. Designed for Electrolux by Jeppe Utzon, the grandson of Joern Utzon who designed the Sydney Opera House, this elegant and very contemporary barbecue goes beyond basic functionality creating a sculptural element for the most sophisticated homes. It is constructed of premium grade ScotchBrite stainless steel and Everest Corian and comes with 4 sturdy, high-powered stainless steel burners, stainless steel cooking plates and diamond shape cross section for perfectly barbecued steaks. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, this contemporary design is quite functional and well thought through. Stainless steel slide-out system covers cooking surface while extended cover panels allow for bench space for food and drinks. Flame failure valves detect loss of flame and shuts off gas, and interlock device does not allow closing of right-hand cover when barbecue is in operation. Other features are battery operated spark ignition for individual burners, laser engraved control panel and lightweight durable black fabric cover to suit weather elements. Price for this contemporary Jeppe Utzon barbecue is $9,000 AUD. Electrolux Australia.

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