Dishdrawer from Fulgor

The elegant Fulgor dishdrawer with two separate integrated touch controls is an excellent addition for a modern high performance kitchen. Its energy ratings exceed Energy Star requirements and with the help of many advanced features, this dishdrawer reduces cleaning times and saves energy. Fulgor equips the dishwasher with special multi blade hard food grinder which chops up food particles and eliminates the need for pre-rinsing. An advanced sensor detects water temperature, soil and detergent amount to optimize cleaning cycles and increase cleaning efficiency, so the 6 wash cycles with 4 cycle options – Heavy Wash, Normal, Sensor Wash, Quick Clean, Rinse Only, Light/China – are adjusted based on what is sensed. And for a complete custom wash, each drawer comes has a superior 2-level wash system, with water sprayed from several angles leading to very clean dishes. NSF certified sanitary rinse option kills 99.9% of bacteria. Another benefit is the ability of each drawer to accommodate 5 place settings, with the maximum plate size diameter of 11″. The maximum noise level doesn’t exceed 56 dBA, making quiet conversations possible while dishdrawer is working. Drying fan makes sure your dishes are spotless clean. Other features include durable nylon racks, large silverware basket with removable cover and child lock. Fulgor. Available with stainless steel, black or custom panel. Previously, KitchenAid drawer dishwasher.

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