Best fully integrated dishwasher ever from UK?


The new fully integrated dishwasher from Rangemaster brings industry best 15-place setting capacity, ‘AAA’ energy rating and quiet 50 dBA operation.

All incorporated into sleek 60 cm modern design with hidden electronic controls. It comes with some excellent features like adjustable racking, adjustable cup rack, knife rack, cutlery basket, memory function, up to 24 hours delay timer and LED program progress selector.

Of course it is very debatable if this is the best dishwasher ever marketed in United kingdom, but it does look impressive.

Rangemaster also implemented closed drying system. By utilizing heat generated from the final rinse cycle, it achieves the best results and is most hygienic and environmentally friendly of all drying methods.

Anti-flooding protection stops water from escaping and keeps your kitchen dry.

Other features which justify us calling this dishwasher best are 8 washing programs, including Auto, Intensive, Normal, Light, Delicate, Rapid, Heat and Soak.

You have 6 washing temperatures to choose from – 40, 45, 50, 55, 65, 70°C.

Half Load function allows you to use only the upper rack, saving water and energy for an Eco-friendly wash.

Rinse Aid indicator ensures your dishwasher never runs out and reminds you to refill.

Salt Level indicator is quite essential in hard water areas.

3-in-1 dishwasher tablets don’t need rinse aid so if this is your soap of choice, simply press the 3-in-1 button to deactivate the rinse aid re-fill alert.

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