New Tall DishDrawer by Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel redefines its unique DishDrawer. The new and improved model has been designed specifically for the North American market, offering a more spacious interior and sleek contemporary styling, and should be launched in spring 2009. It is often very hard to make a good thing better, but constant innovation and improvement of its uniquely designed appliances has never been a tall order for Fisher & Paykel Appliances. DishDrawer is a signature product line for the company with its distinctive ergonomic design that saves space, and cost-saving and environmental features that minimizes water, energy and detergent usage. Since launching the DishDrawer in 1997 after years of testing and research, Fisher & Paykel has continued to redefine the dishwasher of the future and to date has sold more than a million DishDrawers.
With a more spacious and flexible interior design, the Tall DishDrawer offers a number of key improvements over the current model including,
– a top drawer that is significantly larger and will fit 13″ plates
– a completely redesigned racking system with vertically adjustable and independent cup racks, and enhanced plate racks including folding tines
– a complete cosmetic upgrade with a new streamlined appearance
– a more simplified and improved installation process
In fitting with the Fisher & Paykel green tradition, the Tall DishDrawer is also energy efficient and Energy Star approved. Additionally, the Tall DishDrawer also offers the option of an economical, smaller load using as little as 1.98 gallons of water (2.6 gallons on average for a normal eco cycle). This single unit or half load function needs only half the energy, water and detergent of a conventional dishwasher. No word on a price just yet, but we will keep you updated. For more information, check Fisher & Paykel website. Previously, Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer.

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