KitchenAid Drawer dishwashers for versatile cleaning

Drawer dishwashers are one of the new innovations in dishwashing that offers a myriad of options when it comes to configuring your kitchen. A KitchenAid drawer dishwasher is particularly convenient, not to mention easy on the environment and your pocketbook. This Energy Star qualified drawer dishwasher requires 33% less energy than a standard model and enables smaller loads to be washed more frequently, eliminating the need to run a partially full load. Although its two deep drawers have the capacity to hold large pots and pans, and average-sized cookie sheets, and deliver the performance of two full dishwashers, they do so in the same space as a single standard dishwasher. Further, the two drawers have the ability to run two separate cycles, whereby heavily soiled pots and pans can be washed in one drawer while delicate wine glasses are simultaneously washed in the other. Despite its superior functionality, these dishwashers are no eyesore, as it features KitchenAid distinctive Architect Series wrap-around stainless steel handle to coordinate with its sleek stainless steel finish. The price for these drawer dishwashers is $1550. Interested in other drawer dishwasher? Check out the Fisher & Paykel dishwasher – the DishDrawer. KitchenAid.

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