LG SignaLight fully integrated dishwasher with hidden controls

The new LG SignaLight fully integrated dishwasher, LDF8812 has elegant, minimalist design. What really sets this LG dishwasher apart is the dotted LED process indicator which helps you recognize what exactly is going on from quite a distance by simply observing the number of lighted LEDs. One LED being ON indicates that the dishes are being washed. If two LEDs are ON, this indicates that the SignaLight is rinsing the dishes. If three LEDs are ON, this shows that dishes are being dried. When four LEDs are ON, this means that the dishwasher has finished. The sliding rack helps you to load and unload the dishes, and the upper rack makes it easy to wash the larger dishes. You can work this fully integrated dishwasher in the darkness, as it has two interior LED tub lights. Dual Intensity Wash Cycle allows you customize the upper and lower racks for each wash cycle with three levels of intensity – strong, medium, and soft. So you can run a cycle with pots and pans in the lower rack on high, and delicate stemware in the upper rack on low at the same time. The control knob has a soft-push key to facilitate operation and the color of the control light is red. Low noise, low water and energy consumption makes one environmentally friendly dishwasher. Other features include 16 place settings, 6 wash cycles with 3 spray arms, half load cleaning, multi-level water direction, detergent and auto rinse dispenser with rinse-aid refill indicator, hybrid drying system and delay start up to 24 hours. High-gloss stainless steel finish give this LG dishwasher a very stylish appearance. LG Appliances.

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