French door refrigerator – Fisher & Paykel Active Smart French door refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel Active Smart refrigerator is now available in the stylish, spacious French door refrigerator model with total capacity of 20.1 cu. ft. EZKleen stainless steel exterior, automatic icemaker, chilled water on demand and durable extendable storage drawers are combined with ergonomic design to provide more storage space without sacrificing the stylish appearance. The better spacing really distinguishes the new Active Smart French Door Fisher & Paykel refrigerator as it provides wider access to more internal refrigerator space allowing for maximum storage of large plates and an ergonomic design for easy loading and unloading. Active Smart system has two variable speed fans, providing faster cooling and freezing with an even temperature throughout each level. The system continuously adjusts the flow of cold air based on daily use and climatic conditions, ensuring it quickly reaches the safe temperature for maintaining freshness. The French door refrigerator also comes with humidity control lids to seal the bins and prevent water dripping back down onto the fruit and vegetables, which would eventually result in discoloration and rotting. Full extension kitchen grade runners provide easy access to produce. A Freezer Chill mode which sets the freezer to a minimum temperature for 12 hours to freeze room temperature food quickly, safely and efficiently. A similar Bottle Chill function designed to chill a bottle or beverage can between 10 and 30 minutes in 5 minute increments activating Freezer Chill for that time. Other features of this French door refrigerator are electronic control panel, open door alarm for freezer and refrigerator, separate deli storage area, halogen lights, gallon bottle storage shelves, adjustable glass shelves, half width adjustable door shelves, bottle rack and roll-out freezer drawer with clear bins. Measuring H70.13″ x W35.38″ x D23.25″ with flat door and straight designer handle, the new energy efficient French door refrigerator is available for $2,400 USD. Fisher & Paykel.

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