Maytag refrigerators – Maytag Zigzag refrigerators

The new Maytag refrigerators that we particularly like from Maytag Appliances are stylish, refined and high performance Maytag Zigzag refrigerators that will make sure that you food is kept fresh at perfect temperatures and easily accessible at all times. With introduction of Zigzag, Maytag changed the way American Style Side-by-Side refrigerators have looked for a very long time, making a ‘Wide-by-Side’ and creating a radical, unique and totally new approach to refrigeration. On the outside, ZigZag looks quite hi-tech, while on the inside its brilliantly arranged 26 cu.ft. capacity makes this the most space flexible concept on the market today. ZigZag sets new standards in space management, with varying width storage in the refrigerator and freezer compartments. This makes the upper section of these Maytag refrigerators wider than expected and makes room for the unique elevator shelf system. The lower section of the freezer also has extra wide extendable freezer baskets for those bulkier items. The result is the most adaptable and practical refrigerators. Features include spill saver shelving equipped with retaining lips around the edges to prevent messy upsets and which can be easily adjusted to make the best use of interior space, humidity controlled crisper drawers to help maximise the shelf life of your fresh fruit, salads and vegetables, humidity controlled deli drawer to keep cooked meats, cheeses, pies and all deli items and tilt able door racks which make the most of every inch of freezer door space with shelves that tilt for quick and easy access. Other characteristics of this frost free Maytag refrigerator are electronic controls with child safety lock, ice maker, ice and water filter, filter indicator, auto bacterial protection, auto defrost, 4 freezer shelves, 5 fridge shelves, and fully extendable crisper drawers. These Maytag refrigerators are available in stainless steel, black and white. The price is around £2,000.


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