Maytag Vara dishwashers

This Maytag dishwasher, Vara 860 is made of highest grade stainless steel with carefully crafted components and has triple ‘A’ energy rating. With its subtle and sleek styling, Vara dishwasher brings top notch performance and sophisticated look into your kitchen. The perfectly balanced door makes opening and closing a smooth and effortless procedure. At 56 cm, the dishwasher tub is 4 cm higher than that of the most dishwashers, and with spacious bins and trays, the Maytag dishwasher provides enough room for 12 settings, so all your dirty dishes can be washed at once. The upper basket can be configured for different types and sizes of crockery and glasses, while special knife basket keeps sharp knives separately. Wine glass shelf is for your delicate wine glasses. Maytag equips this dishwasher with multiple spray arms to maximize the water usage. With up to 8 different spray zones and two power sprays, Vara uses less than 10 litres of water per cycle. Special filter spray cleans filter after each wash, keeping it clean, so you never have to remove it for cleaning. Sharp looking door-edge LED controls provide clean integrated look to this Maytag dishwasher. The heating elements are enclosed, so your kids will not get to them, and it makes interior much easier to clean. 10 washing program include Heavy Soil, Normal, Quick, Delicate Wash, Autowash, Mixed Wash, Half Load Upper Basket, Half Load Lower Basket, Rinse and Hold, Rinse and Dry. 9 washing temperatures, 3 drying options, up to 24 hour Delay Start. The price for the Vara 860 Maytag dishwasher is about £650.


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