Smeg dishwasher – 36 inch fully integrated horizontal dishwashers from Smeg

The 36 inch horizontal Smeg dishwasher, STO905U represents a new concept – the first horizontal dishwasher on the marketplace, at least in the US. Smeg dishwashers are perfectly in line with all of the latest design trends, offering smart solutions for fitting into tight spaces. Ergonomic, innovative and designed to guarantee high performance, the Smeg 36″ horizontal dishwasher comes with the “single open space” basket, specifically designed to ensure optimal use of a limited space. The intensive Wash Zone Selector allows you to choose a zone in the basket for the dirtiest dishes and to concentrate the wash exactly in this zone. The interior of the dishwasher has a highly efficient light which turns on when the door opens. Another unique feature is the special triple effect hinges with anti-crush device in the hinge panel area on the dishwasher self-balancing door to ensure safety. The Smeg dishwasher also accepts custom door panel and has hidden stainless steel electronic controls for a full integration with kitchen cabinetry. To prevent water drops on the floor when the basket is pulled, Smeg equips this 36″ dishwasher with an exclusive anti-drip system. The integrated dishwasher comes with 10 wash cycles including Crystal Washing, Dish Warming and exceptionally powerful Quick & Intense Wash that cleans even the dirtiest dishes in just 50 minutes at the 158 ºF, delivering hygiene and cleanliness faster than any other wash program. The Aqua test feature, incorporated in the Auto cycle, employs a specially developed infrared sensor which measures the clarity of the water in the tub at regular intervals and decides whether to heat the water for the pre-wash cycle or for the wash cycle, and it keeps consumption of water and energy to a minimum, depending on how dirty the dishes are. Other features of the horizontal Smeg dishwasher are built-in water softener, sanitation, stainless steel tub and filter, concealed heating element, delay timer for up to 9 hours, 5 temperature selections – 100 ºF, 113 ºF, 131 ºF, 149 ºF and 158 ºF, Salt and Rinse Aid refill Indicators, complete water leak protection system, 12 place settings, 5 flip down tines, 2 glass support racks, and 1 knife holder with space for several knives. The other unique attribute is Twin Orbital spray arms consisting of twin double spray arms at the base of the tub, with one arm of standard size and the second smaller arm placed towards the end of the first arm. The arms distribute water evenly throughout the dishwasher tub as they move in a contra-action rotation – one arm rotates clockwise while the other arm rotates counterclockwise.
This 36 inch horizontal Smeg dishwasher is also ETL Sanitation certified, Energy Star rated and remarkably quiet with maximum noise level of 43dBA, and easily accommodate plates of up to 12.5″ in diameter. Its cutlery baskets split in 2 with a lid that also serves as a divider. The price is $1,600 USD. Smeg USA.

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