30 inch dishwashers – Dacor Epicure and Integrated dishwasher lines

The 30 inch Dacor dishwashers will take care of all dirty dishes in your kitchen with their impressive 20+ place settings and 4 wash cycles – Normal, Heavy, Crystal and Rinse. Even your neighbours can bring theirs, but I don’t think you would like this idea. I could never understand why dishwasher manufacturers got stuck on 24″ dishwashers, sure you could find slimline dishwashers only 17″ wide, but nothing larger.
Being first in a marketplace, the 30″ The 30 inch Dacor Epicure dishwasher, ED30 is certainly making waves. The stainless steel Epicure dishwasher comes with hidden electronic controls, powerful hydrodynamics and stainless interior for dishes that are delivered sparkling clean every time. Features include 2″ height adjustable upper rack, 12 hour delay start timer, secure Stemware location, 4 seven-way adjustable tines, removable split silverware basket, triple water filtration, 158° F Sani-Rinse, Smart Cycles Sensor technology, in-line water heater, FloorGuard overflow protection, stainless steel tank, exterior cycle indicator lights and superior nylon-coated racks. Available in stainless steel with black chrome, brass, chrome and copper trims, Epicure ED30 can be yours for just $2,500.
The Integrated 30″ Dacor dishwasher, ID30 accommodates a custom panel to maintain the rich appearance of your kitchen cabinetry. Discreet, hidden electronic control panel is positioned along the top of the door for the smooth, seamless look. Extremely quiet Integrated series dishwasher with the same features as the Epicure model is available with light, medium and dark custom panels to blend with your cabinets, be that maple, oak or cherry. The price is $2,500 as well. Exterior cycle indicator lights is a neat extra accessory.
Previously, Dacor Preference colored dishwashers. Dacor Appliances.

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